Goods donated to our shops

Our shops are great for the environment as they allow goods to be reused and recycled. A second life is given to a range of items which would otherwise end up in a landfill site at a great cost to local authorities and the planet.

Buying donated goods also reduces your carbon footprint by cutting down the use of packaging, transportation and raw materials.

You can bring a whole range of goods to our shops which can be recycled or reused in a variety of different ways and at the same time generate funds for the Hospice. For more detailed information about what we accept, please click here.

Mobile phones

We have produced envelopes for old, unwanted mobile phones which you can request from the Fundraising Team. Just put your mobile phone into the envelope and pop it in the post. Alternatively, hand your mobile into one of our shops or at our Ipswich site in Foxhall Road.

The phones are either recycled or reused, which is beneficial to the environment and your mobile will be reused in countries where new phones are unaffordable.


Instead of just throwing used envelopes away, save the corner with the stamp on and give it to us. We have a team of volunteers who sort through them and sell to dealers, collectors and on eBay. Any stamps will do – First Class, Second Class, special edition and foreign!


All kinds of coins can be changed into pound sterling. You might have a few euros or dollars left over from a recent holiday - donate them to St Elizabeth Hospice and we have them exchanged and use them to support our services. We also welcome old British coins, as these can be recycled or sold to collectors.


Please note: We can no longer accept donations of ink/toner cartridges.

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