About us

About St Elizabeth Hospice

At St Elizabeth Hospice, we improve life for those living with a progressive illness through palliative care. We focus on the individual’s needs including specialist support if required.
We can care for you in your home, in your community, or at the hospice and we can help you and your family cope with problems such as pain, anxiety, fatigue as well as offering practical advice.
St Elizabeth Hospice is an independent charity providing free services. Every year, our services cost £9.1 million to run, three quarters coming from the local community. We rely on fundraising, donations and volunteers to keep going. Your support helps us grow local hospice care in the neighbourhood.

What is palliative care?

We offer palliative care. Palliative care is:

  • providing care to individuals with active, progressive and advanced illness, focusing on their quality of life
  • providing relief from pain and other distressing symptoms.
  • treating patients holistically, including physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support.
  • supporting and caring for families, friends and carers.

Who can we help?

Although our care is focused on the individual with illness, we support a variety of people:

  • Patients - First and foremost, we focus on individuals and their personal needs.
  • Families and carers - Families and carers may also need support while helping their loved one, which we can provide.
  • Health and social care workers - We're happy to work with health and social care workers in the community. We have a section of our site dedicated to information for health and social care workers.

where are our services?

St Elizabeth Hospice provides a range of services across east Suffolk and south Norfolk. Find details of our services on the map below:

white marker

St Elizabeth Hospice

565 Foxhall Road



T: 01473 727776


Headway House

Trafalgar Road East

Great Yarmouth,

NR31 6NX

T: 01493 442994


Beccles and District War Memorial Hospital

St Mary's Rd


NR34 9NQ

T: 01502 719800


Louise Hamilton Centre

James Paget University Hospital

Great Yarmouth,

NR31 6LA