Overseas Challenges

Take on an Overseas Challenge and create once in a lifetime memories as you raise money.



An overseas challenge allows you to push your boundaries whilst exploring a new part of the world. Cycle across Sri Lanka, trek through the Sahara Desert and make it to the Everest Base Camp with Choose Your Challenge.


Trek to Machu Picchu

Head to Peru to view the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu in this challenge.

Trekking along the Ancascocha trail, you'll witness the stunning views of the mountains, rivers and remote communities on your way.








Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Reach the 'Roof of Africa' as you ascend Kilimanjaro's Lemosho Route.

 Created for those who seek to really challenge themselves, this trek is not one to b underestimated.







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How we'll help you:

  • You'll be contacted by a dedicated fundraiser who will be able to give you guidance throughout your fundraising and challenge
  • You'll receive a St Elizabeth Hospice supporter vest to wear during your challenge
  • You'll also have access to pots and buckets to help you with your fundraising
  • We'll support you through social media posts on our Facebook page and you'll also be featured on our Supporter News page
  • You'll receive a certificate which can be presented to you at the hospice or at a more suitable location

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