Make a Gift in Your Will

1 in 5 of our patients' care is paid for by a gift in a Will


Our aim at St Elizabeth Hospice is to improve life for people living with a progressive illness and offer the best care to them and their family.

Around 2,000 people each year receive care from the hospice but we simply can't do it without your support.

400 patients and their families cared for are helped in their own homes as well as in the hospice thanks to gifts in Wills left by people like you. People like Andy Wise.

Andy was cared for at the hospice for nine weeks and his wife Christina continues to support the hospice, regularly fundraising and often popping in to see the nurses and volunteers that looked after her husband.

Why make a Will?

A Will is vital if you wish to be certain as to who will benefit from your money and other possessions when you die. Without a Will the law presides over who gets what and this may not reflect your wishes. For example, some people incorrectly assume that on their death everything they own will automatically go to their partner. However, this is not invariably the case and making a Will guarantees your wishes will be met.

In addition, a Will allows you to specify funeral arrangements and to ensure those that you care about, especially children, are provided for and it will give you the opportunity to appoint a guardian for your children.

Having your Will professionally written may also help you to reduce Inheritance Tax.

The absence of a Will can cause a great deal of anxiety and worry for your loved ones at the distressing and difficult time of your death. Everyone who is aged 18 or over is entitled to make a Will, so for the sake of the people and charities you care about, it is important you have a valid Will in place.

Make a gift to the hospice in your Will

When making a Will your family and loved ones are your priority, however after taking into account their needs, you may consider making a gift to St Elizabeth Hospice.

Leaving a gift to the hospice in your Will is a great way to ensure that we can continue to make a difference to our patients.

Just as gifts in Wills pledged in the past are supporting our work today, gifts pledged today will ensure that we will be there to provide our specialised care services for future generations too.

Gifts in wills are greatly appreciated as our care is provided free of charge, wherever and whenever it is needed, we feel this is so important as patients and their families have so much to cope with when facing a terminal or progressive illness.  Through medicine and therapy we restore hope, we ease pain, we give life a purpose and we make life liveable. Leaving a gift to us in your Will can really help us provide these vital services to our local community.

Making a Will is the first step if you are considering leaving a gift to the hospice. If you already have a Will you can speak to your solicitor about amending it.

To read more about how to leave a gift in your Will click here to download our legacy information leaflet.

Remember a loved one

For some people, leaving a gift in their Will is a way of remembering a loved one.

You could specify that a St Elizabeth Tribute Fund is established in memory of your loved one and this could be used to continue to raise money far into the future.

Here to help

To find out more about gifts in Wills or our annual legacy events where you can find out more about the services provided by St Elizabeth Hospice, contact our legacy team on 01473 723600 or email

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