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Whether it's for a patient facing a new symptom, a carer worried about giving the correct dosage of pain relief or a doctor with a query, OneCall is there to support everyone in our catchment area.

 Members of the public, patients, relatives, carers, GPs, nurses and other medical professionals, health and social care workers can get expert advice at the end of the phone, even in the middle of the night, from senior registered nurses, seven days a week.

One Call - One Number | 24hr Advice
0800 567 0111 calls are free from a BT landline.

Our 24 hour advice line OneCall continues to provide essential support for patients and families. OneCall is there to support everyone in our catchment area.


When in the midst of difficult times such as coping with an illness or caring for a loved one, it is important all members of the community have quick and easy access to appropriate advice and the correct facts.

Having one phone number for anyone who wants advice or information about our hospice and palliative care issues will help us to reach out to the whole of the local community.

Most callers can be helped over the phone, however in some instances a caller may be offered a visit due to urgency and need.

St Elizabeth Hospice was among the first hospices in the country to set up an advice line which reaches out direct to the general public as well as healthcare professionals on the subject of specialist palliative and supportive care. And it is the first service of its kind in East Anglia.

Case study

Norman Finbow used the OneCall service while caring for his wife Linda.

She was first diagnosed with a Malignant Melanoma in her leg in 2008, which was removed and she was fine for four and a half years.

Then during a regular check-up in December 2011, doctors found some lumps in her groin. She had an operation in June 2012 on her lymph glands and she recovered well from the operation. But in July 2012 the doctor told Mr Finbow the cancer had spread.

Norman and Linda took full advantage of OneCall, and even used the service when they were on their holiday of a lifetime; a cruise stopping in Venice and Athens.

“At the end of our cruise when we got to Athens, Linda started getting a lot of pain in her leg. She was in excruciating pain and I had given her all the pain relief that I could and I thought if I give her any more I’ll kill her. So, I called OneCall up and spoke to one of the guys and he very calmly advised me on how to help. And that’s the sort of service you get, they were brilliant.”

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