How therapy and wellbeing have adapted during COVID-19

In our series of looking at how various departments have adapted during COVID-19, this week we look at our therapy and emotional wellbeing team.

The teams have greatly expanded their work during the crisis, working seven days a week.

Key changes in the emotional wellbeing team include new pages online to help support those who are going through bereavement, support for staff working in care homes and patients who need to refer themselves to the service. A new 565 Service, which focuses on supporting young people and children in bereavement, was set up in May in response to the pandemic.

The team have also worked with the Education department to deliver webinars to professionals. In May, Rob Ilett hosted a webinar on how to help professionals support young people during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to popular demand, a second webinar was scheduled and in total was attended by 207 people. The team are now planning more webinars in the coming months.

Hanna McDowell, Head of Therapy at St Elizabeth Hospice explains more in the video below:

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