What Daisy Dedications mean to those who have been cared for by St Elizabeth Hospice

Linda's story - In Loving Memory of my Dad, George

"My Dad was the best! He would help anyone, gave good advice and guidance and certainly played a huge part in making me the person I am today.

When he was 67, he was diagnosed with Myeloma, a fairly rare form of blood cancer.

Sadly, after receiving chemotherapy treatment, Dad’s condition worsened and in August 2014 he was admitted to the hospice.

As a family, we had preconceptions of what a hospice would be like and we were apprehensive of what was ahead of us. However, despite the difficult situation we found ourselves in, the hospice proved itself to be a safe, caring and welcoming place, both for my Dad and also for our family.

Whilst Dad was there, the staff were amazing. They always had time to speak to us with reassurance and honesty, and they allowed him to maintain his dignity. As a family, we were made very welcome and found comfort in chatting to other families and patients.

It seems important now more than ever to support the hospice and the invaluable work they do to support many patients and families like mine.

For me, flowers represent growth and hope. I have read that one of the things daisies represent is hope, meaning they are a perfect choice to remember loved ones."

Linda And Father, George

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