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Webinars for professionals: How to support young people and children during the coronavirus pandemic

The emotional wellbeing team at St Elizabeth Hospice have been hosting webinars to help professionals support young people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Specialist Children’s Worker Rob Ilett recently hosted webinars covering a range of topics, including how to support anxiety in children affected by the pandemic, how to manage the return to school and helping vulnerable families during and after lockdown.

Each webinar focuses on the varying needs of children of different age groups: early years and foundation, primary school education and secondary school education.

Some of the recent webinars, recorded in September 2020, can be found below.

Upcoming webinars for professionals

We currently have a dedicated page on Eventbrite to show any upcoming webinars. Please see the following link:

Click here to see our upcoming webinars.

As demand for these webinars will be high and spaces limited, please choose the one most relevant to you. Please avoid booking spaces on numerous webinars where possible in order to allow the most amount of people to benefit from this service as possible.

If there are currently no upcoming webinars, feel free to get in touch with us to register your interest:

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