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565 Service - Dying to Talk accreditation for schools

“I would like to thank you all for your comprehensive, sensitive and relevant training course and the follow up support. The information and strategies I gained from the course has already been invaluable supporting our young children going through the most difficult times."

“Sharing the course details has helped our staff team feel more confident addressing the subject of death and loss and we hope this proves beneficial for our school community in the short and long term.”

"The Dying to Talk programme has given us the confidence and skills to reach out, listen, support and hold someone’s hand on their journey."

"The course itself was inspiring, and working with our really knowledgeable facilitator ensured that any awkward or difficult conversations or questions were dealt with sensitively."

"We found the training both useful and informative. It has given us the tools to know how to and better understand bereavement and how we can best support our children and families in school."

What does being an accredited school mean?

The school has committed to and undertaken a learning process with St Elizabeth Hospice, to raise standards in conversations around end of life care and support the bereavement needs of families.

Accredited schools have undertaken:

  • A six week training course delivered by St Elizabeth Hospice
  • An assessment of bereavement support for children in school and completion of an improvement plan (where necessary)
  • Commitment to work in partnership with St Elizabeth Hospice in the support of children, young people and families
Which schools have achieved accreditation so far?
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What does this mean going forward for the schools involved?

Schools who have completed accreditation are required to complete an annual review to keep the title. Accredited schools must have:

  • An up to date bereavement policy
  • An identified Bereavement Champion in school who has completed the training
  • A library of bereavement resources and literature for children and young people to access freely
  • Provision for bereavement support for children and young people either on a one to one basis or in groups

Bereavement Champions are invited to a yearly forum and have two opportunities each year for consultation with children bereavement service counsellors to refresh training and maintain a high level of support for families.

For the schools who have completed accreditation, we can assist with resources which will allow you to feature content on your own website.

You can also expect your school accreditation to feature in our stories in the local media and press.

Interested in applying for the Dying to Talk Accreditation?

Dying to Talk school training is free to all schools within in East Suffolk, with each offered spaces for up to three members of staff to attend.

The training runs four times a year, with two programmes focused on the support of primary school children and two focused on the support of secondary school children.

This six week training is delivered after the school day, with a mix of teaching, open discussion, interactive play and online learning.

If you would like to sign up for the 2021/22 training, please answer the questions below:

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