Sore mouth and throat

A sore mouth and throat could be a side effect of medication. If this is the case, then after your medication is completed, things should improve. This page is designed to give you some helpful hints with this problem.

  • Eat soft foods such as fish dishes, soft puddings and cream soups
  • Try to eat the foods suggested on our ‘Difficulties with chewing and swallowing?’ page
  • Avoid very hot, very cold, spicy or acidic foods
  • Try liquidised food or food which is pushed through a sieve. Liquidised as well as liquidised shaped food is on offer at the Hospice. Recipes to use at home can be obtained from the catering staff
  • Brush your teeth regularly to ensure that your mouth stays as clean and moist as possible.  Use a soft toothbrush
  • If your tongue is coated, try sucking quarter of an effervescent Vitamin C tablet.  This helps to clean your mouth and tongue
  • Quarter of an effervescent Vitamin C tablet can also be dissolved in water and used as a mouthwash or gargle.
  • If you wear dentures, soak them in denture cleaning solution overnight. Try to leave them out as long as possible to prevent further damage to your gums
  • Please ask nursing staff regarding further advice about mouth care as they may be able to offer additional advice or products
  • Always report a sore and coated tongue or mouth to your doctor

Please check with your district nurse, GP or palliative health care professional whether these suggestions are appropriate for you and the reason for your difficulty.

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