Feeling sick

This leaflet is designed to give you some helpful tips if you are feeling sick. You may want to try some or all of them:

  • Try taking small frequent (two-hourly) meals, snacks or drinks
  • If you are able, take a short walk before meal times
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Eat and drink slowly
  • Relax after meals in a seated or slightly reclined position before lying down
  • If you feel sick in the morning, try eating dry toast or crackers before getting up
  • If the smell of food makes you feel sick, avoid the smell of cooking. Try and avoid eating strong smelling food and eat in a well ventilated area
  • Try to avoid fatty, greasy food
  • Eat cold food such as sandwiches, salads, cheese, fruit and cold drinks. They do not stimulate the sense of smell, which can make nausea worse
  • Try salty foods such as cheese biscuits or crisps and sharp tasting foods such as lemons, limes and grapefruit
  • Avoid drinking at meal times.  Have a drink one hour before or after meals
  • Try mint or other herbal teas
  • Sniffing peppermint oil can help nausea. You can do this as often as you like during the day
  • The Chinese consider ginger an anti-sickness remedy.  Try crystalised ginger or ginger beer
  • Remember – everyone is different. Therefore find out what works best for you

Please check with your district nurse, GP or palliative health care professional whether these suggestions are appropriate for you and the reason for you feeling sick.

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