Dry mouth

This leaflet is designed to give you some helpful solutions if you have a dry mouth:

  • Try and drink often during the day. Keep a drink close by you
  • Suck ice cubes made from fruit juices. Pineapple ice cubes are particularly helpful as they stimulate saliva production. Ice-lollies are also good
  • Choose or prepare meals which contain moisture, such as gravy, sauce, cream or fruit juice
  • Eat soft foods such as cheese dishes, soft puddings and cream soups
  • Suck boiled sweets such as fruit or acid drops
  • Use lip cream such as Lypsil or Vaseline to stop lips from drying
  • Brush your teeth regularly to ensure that your mouth stays as clean and moist as possible

Please check with your district nurse, GP or palliative health care professional whether these suggestions are appropriate for you and the reason for your dry mouth.

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