Difficulties with chewing and swallowing

Here are some suggestions, which may help you to continue to enjoy your food by making changes to soften them.

  • Eat little and often
  • Eat soft foods such as porridge, cheese dishes, cream soups and soft puddings
  • Drink milk drinks, fruit juices and supplements such as Build-up, Entera or Fortisip. Tasty cocktails are available at the Hospice and recipes can be obtained from the catering staff
  • Fish, meat and vegetables could be eaten with gravy or sauce
  • Good choices may be soft noodles or soft boiled rice with sauces such as bolognese
  • Try home made soups
  • For puddings, try mild puddings, pureed fruit, yoghurt, custard and ice cream
  • Try liquidised food or food which is pushed through a sieve
  • Liquidised as well as liquidised shaped food is on offer at the Hospice.  Recipes to use at home can be obtained from the catering team

Please check with your district nurse, GP or palliative health care professional whether these suggestions are appropriate for you and the reason for your difficulty.

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