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Remember a loved one - memorial events or life celebrations

A memorial or memory service is held after, or instead of, a funeral service.

It can also be an annually organised event for family and friends, or sometimes a whole community.

It is common for families to use these occasions to celebrate their loved one's life and the joy that they brought to others, as opposed to a sombre affair that focuses on their death.

For this reason, you may also hear a memorial service referred to as a ‘celebration of life’.

Organise your own memorial event or life celebration

Arranging a memorial event can be as simple as you choose for it to be, and would usually involve:

  • Confirming a date - usually on a specific date, such as a loved one’s birthday or the anniversary of their death, or at any other time following their funeral
  • Choosing a location and theme
  • Inviting individuals you would like to attend or promoting in the community
  • Deciding if there will be a formal service or presentation and planning for this
  • Capturing memories from the event and sharing these

If you need any help organising a memorial event, we can assist.

Candles In Memory

Suffolk Remembers

You may prefer to participate in an existing memorial event in your own community.

Taking place on Suffolk Day, St Elizabeth Hospice organises an annual community memorial event called Suffolk Remembers on 21 June.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of loved ones that are no longer with us.

You can dedicate a candle which will be lit along with 5000 others on Felixstowe seafront.

You can dedicate as many candles as you like, including for pets, who were once our companions and part of our families for a small donation.

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