New webinars for education professionals added!


565 Service Specialist Children’s Worker Rob Ilett recently hosted webinars covering a range of topics, including how to support anxiety in children affected by the coronavirus pandemic, how to manage the return to school and helping vulnerable families during and after lockdown.

Each webinar focuses on the varying needs of children of different age groups: early years and foundationprimary school education and secondary school education.

These webinars are now online and available to watch – click here to visit our dedicated webinars for professionals web page.

565 Service provides emotional support for children, young people and families living with a family member with progressive illness. The service also provides bereavement support following the loss of a loved one, via family meetings, one to one counselling and group work.

We also have lots of useful information tailored for parents, schools and children, including a range of activities suitable for people of younger ages on our 565 Service web pages.

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