Where to put my pumpkin?

Training ride five: distance – 29 miles

Total training miles: 68.5

Days left to challenge: 351

This weekend I went to to the fantastic Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival at Snape Maltings.

Although it was work – I was taking pictures for our magazine and website – it is one of those events that is also a pleasure. You don’t get to my less than sylph size without a love of both food and drink and the need for exercise to offset this ‘weakness’ is one of my key motivators for doing this challenge.

Wanting to get a decent training ride in this weekend I decided that I would cycle to Snape today. At just under 15 miles door to door – and knowing I would get a good rest between arriving and leaving – I thought this was very doable – and it was. Also some more miles I can claim as cycling business miles (see previous blog).
Thanks to the lovely Sue Fletcher who owns the Caramel Boutique at Snape, I had somewhere to change out of my moist lycra into something more respectable when I arrived and back again before I left. On this point I apologise to the unsuspecting ladies who saw me emerge from the changing room – not a sight to behold without warning or on an empty stomach.As I said all was well. The ride was enjoyable. The photographic assignment was successful but I hadn’t quite thought things through. In this month’s magazine we have some gorgeous pumpkin recipes from David Grimwood at the Froize restaurant in Chillesford.

Inspired by these recipes and seeing some interesting specimens on the Maple Farm stand I decided to purchase a pumpkin (and 1kg of organic carrots) without any thought of the practicalities of transporting them home.

Needless to say my solution did raise some eyebrows and comments from passing motorists.

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