Pippa Beard Pigs Gone Wild project assistant

I began working for St Elizabeth Hospice in August 2015 as a fundraising intern on the Pigs Gone Wild special project. Having graduated from the University of East Anglia in July with a B.A. (Hons) in American and English Literature, I wanted to get some experience where I could get a taste of many aspects of work, including event management and marketing. This six month internship is perfect as it does just that.

As my dad was in the army, I am used to moving around the country, although I was fortunate enough to spend most of my school life in Bath. I would like to work in London at some point as I have many friends there. My experience here so far has taught me that I prefer to work in a small company where I can interact with people, not just computers.

In only two months I feel like I have learnt so much. I am getting a real all-round experience as I have been fully involved in the recent Pigs Gone Wild launch at Trinity Park. In preparation for this I did a lot of research into local businesses as potential sponsors; have helped send out invitations; liaised with the project manager, artists, schools, Trinity park and caterers.
This project is set to be the biggest mass participation public art event the town has ever seen and we hope that it will not only appeal to local people but also bring thousands of visitors to the town who will be able to follow the trail.

For ten weeks next summer, Pigs Gone Wild will see around 40 pig sculptures displayed on an art trail around Ipswich and the Waterfront – and it is set to raise more than £100,000 for  St Elizabeth Hospice. It is really exciting to be involved in something like this.

My involvement so far has already made me more efficient and better at keeping to deadlines. It has been interesting learning to work in an office environment, getting used to the speed of communication and business language. When I first applied for the intern job, I had no idea what working at a hospice would be like as I had not really thought about what a hospice does. I am discovering that it is not a gloomy or sad place, in fact it is positive and dynamic. I am constantly amazed at how staff are constantly thinking of different ways to do things and how they can move care forward.

I am glad to be working now as the project assistant and somewhere with a heart and where face-to-face communication is important. This job very much appealed to me as it seems as much about what the hospice can do to help my experience as it about me helping the hospice.”

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