Annie Bowen - volunteer healthcare assistant

I started volunteering as a healthcare assistant at the hospice in April 2013.  I ‘ve been a registered nurse since 1971, and I always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a little girl, and I work part time in a surgery in Stowmarket.

I initially started volunteering because I moved away from London where I’d lived for 43 years, and I wanted to find a job in a surgey, which was quite difficult, so I wanted to do something whilst I was looking for a job and somebody told me about the hospice.

I volunteer on Thursday morning from 8.10am until 1pm, so I arrive to help with breakfast, and then I help the nurses, or if a patient needs one-to-one care I can help with that.

What I like is there’s no pressure, it’s more relaxed. When I am at the surgery I have ten minutes with each patient and you are always clockwatching and feel stressed, especially if you’re running behind. Whereas here it is at the patients speed. I also enjoy getting to talk to the patients, and can get to know a patient well for that morning.

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