Hospice Care Week - Connecting Care

Julie Harris, Service Development Manager

I have worked at the hospice for seven or eight years in a number of roles. I started as a nurse volunteer at the hospice, then becoming a bank staff nurse.

As service development manager I work across the organisation supporting teams to develop their services. This includes day services and outreach, providing care closer to home in different areas.

I’m also involved with inclusion work, which is a long-term project trying to connect to harder to reach groups; identifying who these groups are and the barriers that we have in getting them to use hospice services. We are trying to get in touch with these groups and have ambassadors for the hospice which form close relationships with them.

It’s important to find out how we can support groups which are reluctant to get in contact with the hospice, and let them know about the services which we provide, for example if they look after their family in the home then letting them know that we can help them.

I also support the community team, helping with clinical work and patient care. It’s the nurse training which drives you, I use my nursing skills in my role as service development manager, putting patients first – it’s what we’re here for!

The best thing about my job in meeting the patients and knowing we make a difference.

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