Advice for visiting the hospice

Advice for visiting the hospice

Updated 12 May 2023

We are delighted to announce that from 12 May, in line with public health guidance, we will be removing visitor restrictions.

Visitors will no longer be required to book their visits and will not have their length of stay restricted. Visiting times are open with no time restrictions.

From 28 April 2023, it is no longer mandatory to wear PPE or masks provided, unless there is a clinical need which will be directed by the medical team. Whilst masks are not mandated on the Inpatient Unit (IPU), hand hygiene and ventilation remain an integral role within our mitigations.

These safety precautions have been implemented to keep all of our patients, staff and visitors as safe as possible.

We need to advise you that by entering a clinical area you are at higher risk of environmental exposure to COVID-19 infection and that you also present a risk of bringing infection to our patients who are some of the most vulnerable in our population.

  • Visitors will no longer be asked to do routine LFTs before visiting.

  • Visitors who are symptomatic and feeling unwell should be advised not to visit patients if possible, even if they can provide their own negative test, as there are many transmissible viruses which can be just as dangerous to hospice patients as Covid-19. Visits at the very end of life should be facilitated where possible, with appropriate IPC measures in place.

  • If the medical team feel your loved one may be in the final days of their life or they are experiencing a significant clinical deterioration, we aim to provide a more flexible approach to visiting.

  • Please discuss your needs with the Doctor, Sister or the Nurse in Charge. This may include staying overnight with your loved one.

We can also arrange virtual visits if this is your preference, please call on 01473 727776, and messages can be left for your loved one with the ward reception.

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