From humble beginnings St Elizabeth Hospice has become part of the
fabric of Suffolk for the last 30 years.


St Elizabeth Hospice offers a wide range of opportunities for your business to get to know the hospice and help support the work we do.

This includes long term partnerships, business membership schemes, promotional and advertising opportunities, team building events and volunteering.

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How can you get involved?

We have several unique ways that your business can help support the hospice. From one off events to annual contributions, find something that suits your business here.

More about the hospice

There is no escaping it, death is a reality.  It’s devastating and heart-breaking but we believe that the real tragedy is life not lived to the full. Here at St Elizabeth Hospice we are interested in the life people have remaining to them. Our work is about restoring hope, easing pain, giving life purpose and making life liveable.

Since we opened our doors in 1989 we’ve had the privilege to care for 28,000 patients and we’re only just getting started. Now we care for over 3,000 patients a year helping them to live the life they choose, for as long as they can.  Every last one of them has received treatment tailored to their specific set of conditions and circumstances.


But we need your support to do it.

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