Sally Bartlett's Tribute Fund story

Our tribute in memory of Tony has meant so much to all of us. It has given us a place to remember Tony, our photos, stories and a place to say how I’m feeling. I have a wonderful family who keep me very busy, but I do have those ‘lonely times’ especially in the early days, Tony’s tribute is a place I can go to share my thoughts and unburden what’s in my head.

Our fund started to grow firstly with our funeral donations. I now collect 5p’s and take them in every other month, these usually raise about £80 – £90. My daughter Georgia has organised some fundraising events, a raffle and a barbecue. Along with some family and friends we did the midnight walk such a fun night, our sponsorship money was added to Tony’s tribute . We have raised, so far for the hospice and in Tony’s memory £8,607.19, it gives us comfort that his memories are helping others.

On a lighter note, my grandsons Leo and Riley will be able to know and read about their grandad in years to come. He will always be a part of our lives .


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