John’s Story

John was 90 when he was first referred to the hospice by his renal nurse at Ipswich hospital.

As John lives with a variety of medical conditions which include: heart disease and kidney failure, the hospital knew that the hospice was the best place to support his ongoing health needs.

Every two weeks he is transported, door-to-door by the hospice’s volunteer drivers and is cared for by the day services team where he can talk to a nurse or a healthcare assistant about how his health has been over the intervening weeks. He can also see a doctor if needed.

From these discussions, the ways of supporting John are assessed and any adjustments to his care are made.  These can include: changes to prescriptions about which the hospice clinicians can communicate directly to John’s GP, resulting in his correct medications being ready for collection when he returns home.

Whilst John is in day services, he can also access relaxation classes in the gym and meditation provided by the therapy team.
John says that he didn’t know what to expect of his care at St Elizabeth Hospice when he first visited but that he was made to feel “most welcome. I found I could relax. My wife Jean is able to have a break and some peace of mind, knowing that I am being cared for.”

At 91 years old John recently abseiled down the side of Ipswich Hospital, raising over £1000 for St Elizabeth Hospice. “I find it difficult to do nothing” John explains, “I may be a patient but that doesn’t mean that I cannot do some fundraising does it?”

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