Gerry Keeler - Volunteer Driver

Since retiring, two and a half years ago, Gerry Keeler has been a volunteer driver at St Elizabeth Hospice.

“My wife was cared for at the Hospice ten years ago now and I wanted to do something in return.”

Gerry explained that he has been “driving forever” in a Sales and Deliveries career:
“I enjoy meeting patients and try to quickly determine whether or not they want to talk when they get into the car; I am led by them.

“It’s my job to bring them in and out, not to ask questions and interfere. I am very happy to listen though.”

Gerry drives his own car, a Skoda Octavia and has fuel expenses covered by the Hospice.

He drives patients to and from St Elizabeth Hospice for appointments and Day Care visits, often collecting from as far afield as Halesworth.

His driving is co-ordinated by a fellow volunteer who allocates drivers to patients, working out the most sensible pick-up patterns, depending on locations.

Gerry, who lives in Ipswich, volunteers twice a week, in between pursuing his own interests of: metal-detecting, riding his motorbike and wood-turning.

He has every intention of continuing volunteering for “as long as they want me.”

If you would like to find out more about joining our lovely team of volunteers, take a look at our volunteering vacancies.

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