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Apps for anxiety:
  • FearTools: Provides information on anxiety and some ideas for ways to improve. Gives you a tool to create exposure to a fearful situation. Also includes a thought diary.
  • SAMapp: An anxiety app with information and ways to track you feeling anxious.
  • Worrytime: This app allows you to write down worries on your mind and put aside a short period where can think about them so they don’t sit on your mind.
  • PanicShield: Centred on panic, this app has information on what panic is and different ways in which you can expose yourself to what makes you panic.
  • MindShift: Allows you to pick scenarios you would like help with, improve thought patterns, and get information on anxiety in general. Has a rating scale for anxiety with what you feel when feeling anxious.
  • Breathe: An app to help lower your heart rate and the physical symptoms of anxiety

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