Zest Short Break Unit

We provide residential nurse led short break care at weekends for young adults aged 18 years upwards

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This service is currently available for people in Ipswich, East Suffolk and West Suffolk.

The Zest Short Break service has been co-produced with young adults with complex palliative care needs and their families.

This service was piloted in 2019-2020 and is now available to support young adults 18 years and upwards who live in Suffolk.

The Zest Short Break Unit allows for young adult patients to take some time out from their daily routine to have fun and socialise, whilst providing vital respite for their families.

Based in an area of the hospice separate to our Inpatient Unit, you'll have access to our self-catering kitchen facilities, the sensory room, the gym and atrium as well as WiFi, TV, DVDs, X-Box and games to keep you entertained.

We will help you to plan your short break activities, which can include outings out into the community.

Our dedicated Zest short break team will get to know you and your care needs to enable you to feel supported to have a fun and safe stay with us. Some people prefer to bring their own carers. If your carers join, there is sleeping space available so they can remain with you for the duration of your stay.

Up to three young adult patients can stay together at the same time if suitable.  Short Breaks are usually for two nights on the weekend from Friday to Sunday.

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Patients and their carers are responsible for ensuring all care needs, medication and support is pre-arranged with the team prior to the break. All community arrangements currently in place will remain the same during the short break stay.

If you would like to find out more about Zest Short Breaks, please contact the Zest team on 01473 707032.

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