Day Services

Our day services enable patients and their families to receive specific care and support from our multi-disciplinary team in a relaxing and homely atmosphere.

Each patient is assessed when they first attend day services. This assessment allows us to introduce the hospice and its services, discuss concerns, ask questions, identify needs and decide what support is needed. A plan of care is agreed based on the patient's needs and not their diagnosis including elements relating to their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.

Tailor-made care for patients and their families

We offer care that is tailored to the individual over a set period of time, focusing on patients and families' specific problems, changing the level of care as and when required. By using day care services, patients are helped to remain at home for as long as possible, if this is their wish. The support offered in the day unit includes elements targeting patients' medical needs, as well as those tailored to emotional or spiritual needs. Whichever service is chosen, the care will be reviewed regularly to ensure the most effective support is being offered.

Day care

Day care provides supportive care to people living with progressive illness, as well as their families and carers.

Nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a range of complementary therapies are all available according to need. Lunch is also available for patients attending day care.

Patients coming to day care will have a care plan agreed by the patient and staff, to respond to needs by offering the appropriate service improving wellbeing. Day dare is usually attended for several weeks then the patient's needs and care is re-assessed.


On Mondays we hold a drop-in for patients with activities between 10.30am - 12pm, or 2 - 3.30pm.  No appointment is needed, but please note that we cannot provide transport, and if you have a carer, your carer will also need to attend and stay with you.


All hospice services are available as out-patient services. Patients often appreciate the opportunity to access services set within a homely and relaxing atmosphere. Appointments for out-patient services are available between Monday - Friday. Where possible, patients use their own transport to attend assessment clinics and outpatients.

Patients can receive interventions, such as drug therapy, paracentesis (drainage of abdominal fluid) and blood transfusions as a day patient, without the need of admission to the Inpatient Unit. The clinic will usually be staffed by a Registered Nurse and a Healthcare Assistant.


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