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Ridefest will return!
This year’s event will be taking place on Friday 27 September at The Buttermarket Centre.
Get in touch if you would like to take on the challenge!

In September 2023, we ran our workplace static bike challenge – RideFest! Designed to pit local businesses
against each other while raising funds to support the vital work of St Elizabeth Hospice.

Who were the Ridefest’23 champions?

Congratulations to Brewin-Dolphin who won the team event and the CEO challenge!

Final Leaderboard

Team Name Date Total Distance
Brewin Dolphin Team 5/10/2023 16.50Km
Brafe 5/10/2023 14.98Km

Final CEO Challenge Leaderboard

CEO Name/Business Date Total Distance
Nick Barber / Brewin Dolphin 5/10/2023 8.23Km
Jack Callis / George Baker 5/10/2023 7.68Km
Chris Pritchard / Brafe 5/10/2023 7.47Km

Team Leaderboard

Team Name Date Total Distance
Brewin Dolphin Team 1 26/9/2023 15.91Km
Brafe 27/9/2023 15.60Km
Brewin Dolphin Team 2 26/9/2023 15.59Km
George Baker Team 1 20/9/2023 15.53Km
Crane - The Three Horsemen 27/9/2023 14.86Km
Savills 26/9/2023 14.75Km
George Baker Team 3 20/9/2023 14.64Km
George Baker Team 2 20/9/2023 14.03Km
Crane - Wheel of Fortune 27/9/2023 13.98Km
Crane - Mechanical Misfits 27/9/2023 13.83Km
Crane - Charity Spinners 27/9/2023 13.67Km
Brewin Dolphin Team 3 26/9/2023 13.41Km
Smartest Energy - The CS Massive 21/9/2023 13.16Km
Smartest Energy - The Stabilised PcyclePaths 21/9/2023 13.00Km
ABP 26/9/2023 12.91Km
Smartest Energy - 2Tyred 21/9/2023 12.87Km
Crane - CyclePaths 27/9/2023 12.77Km
Eastern Concrete 21/9/2023 12.57Km
Hadleigh Nursing Home - Team Saturn 22/9/2023 12.35Km
Smartest Energy - Off the Chain 21/9/2023 12.15Km
Smartest Energy - 3-cycle 21/9/2023 12.00Km
Smartest Energy - The Boujioe Bikers 21/9/2023 11.17Km
Hadleigh Nursing Home - Team Jupiter 22/9/2023 11.15Km

CEO Leaderboard

CEO Name/Business Date Total Distance
Adam Dalby / Brafe 27/9/2023 8.02Km
Charlie Richards/ George Baker 20/9/2023 7.67Km
Nick Barber / Brewin Dolphin 26/9/2023 7.66Km
Wendy (Senior Manager)/ Hadleigh Nursing Home 22/9/2023 6.04Km
Zoe (VP) / Smartest Energy 21/9/2023 5.44Km

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