We aim to engage and involve people in the development of our services & plans to ensure we meet the needs of our communities

Our key principles of co-production:
  • Upholding the value of shared decision-making - ‘Nothing about me, without me’
  • Co-production engages groups of people in equal partnership at the earliest stages of service design, development and evaluation.
  • People with ‘lived experience’ are often best placed to advise on what support and services will make a positive difference. This is known as 'experience-based co-design'.
  • All contributions are equal. It is important to have diverse representation, from those who use/have used services and those who understand the wider community
  • Barriers to inclusive participation should be addressed - e.g. accessibility, expenses, reasonable adjustments.
  • All participants should be willing to explore and negotiate different ways forward. It is important to avoid pre-conceived outcomes.
  • There are different levels of co-production. The level employed should be overtly recognised and identified during projects.
  • Effective co-production takes time. Realistic pace and project timescales are essential.
  • Evidencing ‘we said, we did’ is essential to ensure the value, time and resources involved are justified.

An example of our co-production work, is the Bright Space Family Room project:

Current projects we're working on with co-production:

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As part of co-production, we also run a Hospice Engagement Group

Some of the members of the Hospice Engagement Group, including Dennis Tattoo, Jemma Wood, Phil Wix, Amy Cant & Ann Monks

Objectives of the group are:
  • To enable patients, their families and those with lived experience to have access to hospice co-production opportunities
  • For co-production to be a core consideration within hospice projects that impact patients and families
  • To collect and share evidence of co-production activities in the hospice
  • To provide oversight and advice to the hospice on co-production
Members currently include:
  • Helen Finlinson – Chair

Helen is Head of Inclusion & Development at St Elizabeth Hospice and is chair of the group.

  • Jemma Wood

Jemma is Head of Volunteering at St Elizabeth Hospice.

  • Amy Cant

Amy has been connected to the hospice from an early age after her mum received hospice care. Now working in childcare, she connects with children and families alike and has supported the development of the Bright Spaces room at the hospice in Ipswich.

  • Ann Monks

Ann is a trustee for St Elizabeth Hospice and previously served on the Board of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices for 9 years.  Ann has a personal connection to the hospice as her late husband received compassionate care at the hospice in Ipswich.

  • Dennis Tattoo

After a 40-year teaching career, Dennis started volunteering at the hospice in September 2017, working on reception. In 2021, Dennis and his wife Sarah established the Walk On group – a free walking bereavement group as part of the LivingGrief service.

  • Phil Wix

Phil volunteers with the facilities department and Compassionate Communities project at the hospice since 2019. He has had lived experience with support from the hospice when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

  • Roberta Lovick

Roberta has worked with Macmillan, Marie Curie and at Addenbrookes Hospital Research Department. She has been heavily involved with the Louise Hamilton Centre for palliative care, which is named after her daughter who died of breast cancer at the age of 28.

  • Monika Puchala

Monika is originally from Poland and has lived in Ipswich for over 10 years. She currently works as a Maternity Project Coordinator and Information Advice and Guidance Advisor at Ipswich Community Media and Learning. Based on migrants' experiences, barriers and challenges including Monika's own experience, she helps to create healthy relationships with professionals and equip both sides with tools increasing understanding of each other.

If you have any queries or would like to get involved with co-production, please message Helen Finlinson on:

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