Volunteers receive awards for their dedication to hospice

Dedicated hospice volunteers were celebrated this weekend with an awards ceremony and tea party to thank them for their continued support and contribution.

This year 87 volunteers for St Elizabeth Hospice are due to receive their five, ten, 15, 20 and 25 year long-service awards, with many of these volunteers being presented with their award at the event on Sunday 26 June at Trinity Park, Ipswich, organised by the local charity.

More than 200 people attended the Volunteer Summer Event, where guests were treated to afternoon tea, music from singer Kelly Pritchard, and 36 volunteers were presented with their long service award.

The award ceremony began with a brief speech from the hospice’s CEO, Mark Millar, who said: “On behalf of the board of trustees, and everyone at St Elizabeth Hospice I would like to give the upmost, warm-hearted thanks to our 1,200 volunteers. 

“The hospice and our staff could not provide the services they do for people without the support of our volunteers, whether they are working directly in contact with patients, behind-the-scenes or in one of our retail outlets.”

St Elizabeth Hospice’s Chairman, William Barnes, gave the awards to the long-serving volunteers, whilst MC for the event, BBC Radio Suffolk’s Rachel Sloane, read out a citation about each volunteer, outlining their hard work and the individual skills they bring to their role.

Jeanette Hall first volunteered for the hospice before it opened and now volunteers at least four times a week in the Hadleigh shop. Jeanette, who was presented with her 25 year service badge at the event, said: “I find volunteering very worthwhile, it gives you a sense of responsibility and I just love it! I was nervous about receiving my award but I was fine after. I’ve very much enjoyed today, it’s great for everyone to get together, and it’s just a nice social event.”

June Winter and Muriel Bridges also received their 25 year volunteering awards, and were presented with them on stage together, as they are often affectionately described as being “joined at the hip”, having begun fundraising for the hospice before it opened and now working together in the St Elizabeth Hospice Framlingham shop. June said: “We have great fun together and it’s such a wonderful thing to do. Today has been really lovely.” Muriel added: “It’s very touching to receive these awards and today has been so well organised, it’s such a lovely atmosphere with friendly people.”

The Volunteer event also saw the relaunch of the hospice’s Partnership Group, which acts as a voice for patients and families, listening to and representing their views, to ensure the hospice continues to deliver its high standard of care and support. The group has revamped itself, with new plans for the future, and is looking for new members.

St Elizabeth Hospice is always looking for more volunteers to join their team, so if you can spare a few hours a week or month get in touch. Call 01473 707016, email volunteer@stelizabethhospice.org.uk or visit www.stelizabethhospice.org.uk/volunteer 

Long Service Awards

5 years
Jennifer Mundin – Felixstowe Shop
Mary Pidduck – Felixstowe Shop
Carol Bindloss – Framlingham Shop
Catherine Blakeley – Framlingham Shop
Dilly Clarke – Framlingham Shop
Mo Mayne – Framlingham Shop
Phoebe Sullivan – Framlingham Shop
Vee Singleton – Framlingham Shop
Evelyn Keeley – Framlingham Shop
Janet Elliot – Framlingham Shop
Shirley O’Keeffe – Framlingham Shop
Marian Timms – Hadleigh Shop
Eileen Stacey – Hadleigh Shop
Janice Whiting – Hadleigh Shop
Jill Line – Hadleigh Shop
Louise Kent – Halesworth and Nacton Road Shop
David Marshall – Holywells Retail Centre 
Robin Gillespie – Holywells Retail Centre
Angela Skelcher – Leiston Shop
Dorothy Boyabdallah – Saxmundham Shop
Joan Roper – Selkirk Road Shop
Sara Welham – Selkirk Road Shop
Julie Mardle – Selkirk Road Shop
Veronica Etheridge – Selkirk Road Shop 
Eileen Smith – Selkirk Road Shop
Delma Porter – St Matthew’s Street Shop
Jill Turner – St Matthew’s Street Shop
Jill Yalcin – St Matthew’s Street Shop
Rachael Ambrose – St Matthew’s Street Shop
Heather Craddock – Stowmarket Shop
Yasmin Phair – Stowmarket Shop
Magda Christie – Stowmarket Shop
Anne Cox – Woodbridge Shop
Lynda Morris – Woodbridge Shop
Michael Sayer – Woodbridge Shop
Ian Ewers-Larose – Admin
Angela Holland – Catering
Kevin Constance – Catering
Peter Mornard – Day Services
Brenda Drew – Day Services and Home Sitting
Julie Nolloth – Day Services
Kathy Keeble – Day Services
Ruth Finbow – Day Care Driver
Christine Heffer – Fundraising Admin
Keith Digweed – Maintenance
Margaret Parry – Reception
Cynthia Conquest – Board Trustees
Josephine Gardiner – Ward Assistant and HCAs
John Caley – Ward Assistant and HCAs
Beryl Calver – Ward Assistant and HCAs
Jordan Barrow – Ward Assistant and HCAs
Cynthia Glinos – Ward Clerk

10 years 
Barbara Tryon – Hadleigh Shop
Doreen Parker – Hadleigh Shop
Barbara Blacketer – Hadleigh Shop
George Peck – Holywells Retail Centre
Irene King – Leiston Shop
Doris Sheldon – Saxmundham Shop
Jenny Salmon – Selkirk Road
Margaret Lury – Woodbridge Shop
Margaret Baldry – Woodbridge Shop
Kathleen Ord – Woodbridge Shop
Ronnie Dawson – Ambassador
John Edwards – Maintenance
Julie Webb – Reception
Sheila Blackwell – Reception
Shirley Hazelwood – Ward Assistant and HCAs
Sarah Craven – Ward Assistant and HCAs/ Home Sitting
Kate Hayhow – Woodbridge Friends

15 years 
Joyce Bardwell – Leiston Shop
Patricia Clack – Nacton Road Shop
Maureen Holmes – Saxmundham Shop
Mary Bean – Reception
Michael Cooper – Board Trustee
Jean Ellesmere – Ward Assistant and HCA
Suzy Macey – Ward Assistant and HCA
Anne Barratt – Woodbridge Friends

20 years
David Smith – Catering
Sally Swinden – Day Services
Alan Norris – Ward Assistant and HCA
Delcie Corbet – Flower Club

25 years
Muriel Bridges – Framlingham Shop
June Winter – Framlingham Shop
Jeanette Hall – Hadleigh Shop
Erika Mason – Home Sitting
Sheila Stokes – Reception 
Margaret Rollins – Ward Assistant and HCA

Citations for 25 year long service volunteers

Jeanette Hall – Jeanette first volunteered for St Elizabeth Hospice before the present Hospice opened, in a shop at the end of Hadleigh High Street.  After different volunteering roles in the retail outlet, Jeanette continues to volunteer at least four times a week.  Her dedication, support and time given to St Elizabeth Hospice over the past 25 years is truly amazing. She is a key volunteer, tackling everything, even covering the manager’s days off if needed. Well known in the Hadleigh community and popular with customers and other volunteers alike, her infectious sense of humour, loyalty, and conscientious attitude is everything you could wish for in a volunteer – phenomenal!

Erica Mason – Erica is our longest serving Volunteer Sitter, she is kind, caring and modest.  She is keen to help as many patients as she can, taking on extra patients to ease the work load.  Families appreciate all that Erica does for them, and has received letters expressing their gratitude.  Thank you Erica for your continued support.

Margaret Rollins – Margaret puts so much passion into her volunteering, her experience and knowledge is invaluable. Margaret will always go that extra mile for anyone and is a delight to work with.

Sheila Stokes – In April 1991, Shelia’s journey as a St Elizabeth Hospice Volunteer begun. Shelia started off on reception and she also helped with admin tasks.  After a short while Sheila also volunteered as a librarian for the patient library. Soon after joining the hospice Shelia’s husband, Alan, sadly passed away but her passion and wonderful commitment for the hospice prevailed and she continued volunteering. A few years later, at a hospice volunteer social event, St Elizabeth’s greatest love story begun, and Shelia met her current husband Donald. 
Shelia’s kind hearted and welcoming nature makes her a huge asset to our team and the hospice. Her fantastic sense of humour and wonderful antidotes regularly have us in fits of giggles which makes everyone’s day much brighter!

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