Thankathon - St Elizabeth Hospice first!

Thursday 16 May was the first ever St Elizabeth Hospice Thankathon! The premise is really very simple – to say thank you to as many of our supporters as possible!

Thank you for helping us to make all of this possible – please read our Supporter Impact Report.

We had a bank of 10 people, made up of staff and volunteers, making as many phone calls as they could between 12pm and 7pm. For supporters that we don’t have phone numbers for, we have been writing thank you post cards – so if you don’t hear from us on the day, you may well get something in the post! However hard we try, we may not be able to contact all of our supporters but everyone has to start somewhere and this is our very first Thankathon!

We won’t just be calling our donors, but people who have donated their time to us and some of the team will also be going out to local businesses who have supported us to say a great big thank you in person, too!

And of course, we’ll be putting updates out on our social media as well, to thank all of our supporters who interact with us online and help to spread the word about our services, events and shops. We may not be able to contact all of our supporters, but we’re going to try and contact as many as possible and hopefully this will become an annual event!

Let us know if you heard from us during the Thankathon by emailing

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