St Elizabeth Hospice invites the public to its first open door community month

Throughout January St Elizabeth Hospice is holding an open door month and will be inviting members of the public to come and find out about hospice care and what it really means.
The aim is to introduce the hospice to people whose role may be changing to that of a carer for someone who is terminally ill, or to anyone with a recent diagnosis of a long term illness.  It will help people understand more about what they can do to plan ahead and answer some key questions about care issues such as diet and nutrition, caring for someone with dementia and how to support friends or relatives with a progressive or terminal illness.

There are many myths about hospices, and these myths often result in fear for people who are referred to the hospice for care.  But far from being a place where people go to die, through medicine and therapy we restore hope, we ease pain, we give life purpose and we make life liveable, with much of the care delivered in peoples’ homes.  Rather than being the sad and sombre place that many think of, the hospice is actually full of fun and laughter, and experts who can give the best quality care and advice.

Head of education, Mandy Summons said: “It’s really important that people understand that there is more to the hospice than just the building, and that there is a range of support for people who are becoming carers for their loved ones.  We want people to come along to the hospice where they will have the chance to learn more about hospice care, and get answers to those questions that may be worrying them.

Our focus for the month is helping people to find out as much as they can about good care, and encouraging people to think ahead, and talk about their care wishes for the future.  Communicating your preferences earlier means it is more likely that you will receive the care that meets your needs. This community month will help people develop the confidence to address some of those difficult conversations and plan ahead.”

The community month will consist of a programme of planned hospice tours and information sessions focusing on specific health concerns and care planning.  The intended outcome of the event is that people will be better informed and be more confident in accessing services for their loved ones.

There is no need to book and members of the public can attend one or more of the sessions.

For more information, contact the hospice education centre on 01473 707017.


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