Ridefest 2019 Leaderboard

Ridefest 2019 Leaderboard

Welcome to our Ridefest 2019 Leaderboard!

We’re thrilled to have 16 local businesses and 19 teams competing in this year’s Ridefest and the competition is about to get real! Each workplace will be taking on the challenge individually over the next two weeks to see who can cover the biggest distance in 30 minutes in this static charity cycling challenge.

The top three businesses, plus the business who has raised the most money for St Elizabeth Hospice, will then go head-to-head in the Finals Event on Wednesday 13 March, where the respective Senior manager or CEO will be competing in an intense head-to-head race to be crowned the 2019 Ridefest winner.

Will your team be in with a chance of winning the coveted Yellow Jersey?
Keep an eye on our leaderboard below to find out.

Huge thank you to our Race sponsor, Damco and Maersk and to our Finals Sponsor, who is providing the bikes for the head to head CEO challenge, Spin Ipswich.
Ridefest wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors.

Where is your team on the Leaderboard?


TeamDate and Time of RaceTeam DistanceCEO Distance
Corbel Solutions26 Feb, 1pm23.66 KM3rd – 24.91 KM
KBB26 Feb, 1pm23.46 KM18.64 KM
Prettys27 Feb, 1pm23.82 KM24.46 KM
Damco28 Feb, 10am24.93 KM24.46 KM
Orwell Vet Group28 Feb, 1pm23.93 KM22.84 KM
Basepoint Business Centre28 Feb, 1:30pm22.53 KM17.54 KM
Breheny 11 March, 9:30am2nd – 27.33 KM2nd – 25.51 KM
Breheny 21 March, 9:30am3rd – 25.48 KM22.64 KM
Just Essentials1 March, 12:30pm18.65 KM20.65 KM
TSB Cluster Branches 2 March, 11am21.79 KM21.20 KM
Wheatley Associates Ltd 15 March, 1pm25.10 KM24.30 KM
Wheatley Associates Ltd 25 March 1pm25.28 KM24.85 KM
KLH Architects6 March 1pm24.88 KM1st – 25.98 KM
Sanctuary Personnel Ltd7 March 1:30pm23.06 KM23.58 KM
Curtis Banks 7 March, 10am23.66 KM23.58 KM
Ufford Park8 March, 9:30am23.27 KM20.89 KM
Itineris 18 March, 1:30pm22.35 KM22.48 KM
Itineris 28 March, 1:30pm23.18 KM23.85 KM
Spin Ipswich8 March, 18:30pm1st – 27.54 KM26.2 KM *


*Please note as Spin Ipswich is Finals Sponsor of Ridefest, Luke Farris will not be competing in the finals CEO race next week, despite his fantastic score. The team of Spin Ipswich volunteers will be competing for the team place.

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