Pedalling to Paris with renewed reason

With six months left before the Hospice Team 100 leave for Paris, Adrian Rawlinson, a member of the group of supporters pedalling 300 miles over four days, has found new motivation for his challenge.

The Hospice Team 100 is cycling from London to Paris in September 2015 to raise £100,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice.

Originally, Adrian first signed up to do this ride primarily to get fit and in doing so, raise much needed funds for a very worthwhile cause. He has covered over 692 miles in his 46 training rides to date. However, he now he finds himself with new, more serious, personal motivation.

Since Christmas his older sister, Catherine, 53, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. For Adrian and his family, it has brought into even sharper focus how necessary facilities, like those provided by St Elizabeth Hospice, are to its community.

Catherine lives in Devon and therefore will not benefit directly from St Elizabeth Hospice, however, many people in East Suffolk and South Norfolk will continue to as a result of the efforts of Hospice supporters, like Adrian.

Adrian said: “Some people are doing the Hospice 100 because the Hospice has had a direct influence on their lives, others because the challenge is on their ‘bucket list’ of things to do and some because they want to get fit and in doing so raise money for a fantastic cause.

“I truly hope that in the hilly lanes of Devon similarly Lycra clad over weight middle aged men will be pedalling out the miles supporting the facilities on my sister’s doorstep.

“When, as concerned bystanders, we can do little to truly influence the outcome of life and death fights such as that which Catherine faces, this is something we can do. I know our ride, however insignificant in the grand scheme of things, will make a difference to so many.

“Please support our ride. Please support the Hospice.”

There is still time to sign up for the Hospice 100 from 15th – 20th Sept 2015, for more information click here.

To follow Adrian through his blog click here.

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