Loïs Cordelia - artist behind the design of the Nocturne Big Hoot

Following the success of Pigs Gone Wild and Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk, independent Suffolk charity St Elizabeth Hospice is bringing its third art trail, the Big Hoot Ipswich 2022, to Suffolk’s county town, alongside creative partners Wild in Art.

As part of the Big Hoot 2022, 50 ornately decorated owl sculptures will be scattered throughout Ipswich, between 19th June and 3rd September, as part of the biggest free art event in Suffolk which will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the town.

One of a number of artists designing sculptures for the trail is Ipswich-based artist, Loïs Cordelia. Specialising in speed-painting, Loïs painted the design for her ‘Hoot’ sculpture, Nocturne, in public over four days at The Hold (Suffolk Archives) on Ipswich Waterfront throughout February.

“It was a brilliant atmosphere working at The Hold and the public were really interested in my design and in the Big Hoot Ipswich 2022 in general,” explained Loïs, who has also designed statues for Pigs Gone Wild 2016 and Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk 2019.

Featuring a design showcasing iconic sights of Ipswich at night, Nocturne was fully revealed to the public as part of the Welcome Back Ipswich weekend, which saw St Elizabeth Hospice and Ipswich Borough Council host the St Elizabeth Hospice Art Trail Reunion.

“As soon as I heard the statues would be owls, I thought of night time. As an artist, I am a night owl myself and find it to be the time of day when the best ideas come to me, so I knew if I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be part of the Big Hoot, that I would like my design to have links to night time,” said Loïs.

“Ipswich is my hometown and I know people may think otherwise, but in terms of beauty, I think it is an amazing place and at night even more so. I love walking round Ipswich at night and seeing the iridescent glow from flood lit buildings, which is why I have used shimmering and metallic paints for Nocturne’s design.”

To create her design, Loïs and her partner Jason Curtis, who is also an artist, walked around Ipswich in the autumn of 2021, capturing photographs of some of her favourite Ipswich sights at night to use as inspiration for when creating her Big Hoot artwork.

She added: “The style I use in painting is very loose and impressionistic with lots of colour. I also use a palette knife and a large brush to create the nighttime effect which you can see on Nocturne.

“Art is very important to me and I couldn’t not do art, as it is so deeply embedded in me. I think it’s my way of connecting things. By which I mean, most people will tend to compartmentalise and organise the universe in ways that make sense to them, whereas I do that in loops, spirals and diagonals but through art I can bring these things together in a creative way.

“Having taken part in Pigs Gone Wild in 2016 as my first art trail, Nocturne for the Big Hoot Ipswich 2022 will actually be my 30th trail sculpture!

“Currently, I am designing sculptures which will be part of Wild in Art trails around the country in the next year or so, while Jason has also caught the bug and is designing sculptures which will feature in a trail in Winchester in the near future.

“Pigs Gone Wild trail was a phenomenal career boost for me, as it gave my work exposure which it had never had before, but to have the privilege of also being a part of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk and now the Big Hoot Ipswich 2022 is just brilliant, as Ipswich is my hometown.

“The previous art trails were very powerful in bringing communities together in a positive way, which in a post-lockdown world is more important than ever before.

“To have an event in Ipswich which promotes people getting outside, exploring the town, supporting local businesses, interacting with art and supporting such a vital local charity, in St Elizabeth Hospice, is a brilliant thing and I look forward to the launch later this year.”

For more information about the Big Hoot Ipswich 2022 go to thebighoot.co.uk

To discover more of Loïs Cordelia’s work visit www.loiscordelia.com or follow @1440creativespirit on Instagram to view Jason’s art.


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