Local trust donates keyboard to hospice

St Elizabeth Hospice has received a donation of a keyboard from a local trust.

The Rosa Simon Music Fund, Hadleigh, purchased a Yamaha keyboard for the hospice’s music therapist to use for individual and group music therapy sessions.

The keyboard was used for the first time at the hospice’s young adult group, where young patients were able to enjoy the music and join in, performing for their families and hospice staff and volunteers.

Paul Simon, Chairman of the Rosa Simon Music Fund, and Rosa’s Dad, attended the young adult group to see the keyboard in use.

Mr Simon said: “To see the keyboard being so well used and creating such fun sums up what Rosa’s Fund is about. We are delighted to have been able to contribute further to the loving and uplifting atmosphere of St Elizabeth Hospice and we look forward to working with them in other ways in the future.”

Music plays an important role at St Elizabeth Hospice. Their dedicated music therapist, Ray Travasso, works with individual patients wherever required, whether at their bedside, in their home or in the music studio at the hospice.

In addition to this, he plays a key role in helping bereaved families, and particularly children, with their loss. It has been proven to be very effective in difficult situations when all other forms of communication have failed.

Mr Travasso added: “Music therapy is all about connecting as it has the ability to cut through everything else. Music can stimulate the brain in a way that nothing else does. Some of the patients who attend our young adult group cannot communicate, but music can connect on a different level and although they couldn’t express it, I can see that they’re benefitting from it.

“We are very grateful to the Rosa Simon Music Fund for the donation of the keyboard which was a welcome addition to our accessible range of instruments. It will be well used.”

The Rosa Simon Music Fund was set up in memory of three and a half year old, Rosa Simon, who died in a tragic road accident outside her home in Hadleigh in 2014. In response to her death and her love of music and dancing, the family set up the fund to give local children and young adults a chance to gain more confidence, develop skills and to experience the great pleasures that come from music and performing.

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