Hospice patient showcases photographs at exhibition

Patient Peter Clark, has showcased a set of his photographs capturing the Hospice in a unique way in an exhibition entitled ‘As I see it’, with support from St Elizabeth Hospice.

Mr Clark, who suffers from heart failure, is a keen photographer and often does portraits for people. The Hospice’s Art Therapist, David Hardy, saw Mr Clark’s enthusiasm and expertise in photography and suggested working on a project together to show the Hospice in a manner that may not have been seen before. 

The 73-year-old day care patient, currently comes into the Hospice fortnightly for support, and is eager to get involved in projects to give back to the Hospice wherever possible. 

Mr Clark said: “Before I came to the Hospice I was declining in health physically and mentally, I can’t go out on my own, so I didn’t see many people and I was lonely. If it hadn’t been for the Hospice, I would be pushing up daisies. But attending Day Care has given me a reason to live and put some fun back into life – I enjoy it so much and I’ve made so many friends.

“When David came to me with this photographic project, capturing the Hospice in ways you wouldn’t normally expect, I jumped at the chance. I use software to add effects to the photos and when I’m setting up the shot I often have an idea in my head around how I see the image looking when I’ve altered it.”

Mr Hardy said: “It is very apparent that Peter values the support that the Hospice has given him and that he wanted to give something back through the photographs he has taken. They show, in a different way, parts of the Hospice that we walk past every day and do not really notice. 

“Peter absolutely encapsulates the creativity and resourcefulness I see all the time in the patients I work with.”

The exhibition, which also featured portraits of staff and volunteers, was held in the newly refurbished Day Unit at the Hospice on Foxhall Road, Ipswich, on Tuesday 16th September and was attended by patients, families, staff and volunteers. 

The exhibition will continue to be displayed for the next few months to coincide with the Hospice’s 25th Anniversary events which anyone is welcome to attend on Saturday 1st November from 10am – 4pm and Thursday 6th November, 5pm – 8pm. 

Mr Clark will also donate the profits from any sales of the photos, displayed in the exhibition and that he takes privately, to the Hospice. 

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