Farmers come to the rescue of Hospice nurses in snow

Suffolk Young Farmers have come to the rescue to ensure St Elizabeth Hospice nurses can reach their patients during the snowy weather particularly at night.

The St Elizabeth Hospice at Home team is a nurse-led reactive service which is called on at short notice to care for patients reaching end of life in their own homes and to support their families.

Nurses were worried they may not be able to reach their patients tonight (Thu Dec 2nd) and tomorrow (Fri Dec 3rd) particularly in rural parts of East Suffolk so have asked if anyone could supply 4x4s and a driver to help.

Suffolk Young Farmers have kindly supplied two 4×4 vehicles and a driver for each to take nurses out should they be called upon today, tonight and tomorrow – or as long as the snow lasts.

Jane Petit, St Elizabeth Hospice’s chief executive, said: “Our Hospice at Home team prides itself on being able to reach patients as quickly as possible should the need arise. We were worried they would not be able to drive safely and quickly in their usual cars to provide  this specialist care. Suffolk Young Farmers have been supportive of St Elizabeth Hospice for many years and when we called them to ask if they could provide 4×4 vehicles to help they did not hesitate and for that we are extremely grateful.”

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