Ed Sheeran donations raise £4,000 for Hospice

The Ed Sheeran collection of donated clothes has raised around £4,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice.

The 100-piece collection, which included hoodies, T-shirts, trainers and Ed’s iconic onesie, was sold at the St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham last week and in an online eBay auction which ended on Wednesday night.

The five-day auction raised around £1,500 with people from across the world bidding on the items.

Kara, of Philadelphia, USA, was the winner of Ed’s Captain America T-shirt, with a winning bid of £136. She said: “Thanks so much for the Ed Sheeran auction and the chance to donate to such a fabulous organisation! I am stoked to have won the Captain America T-shirt.”

Sofie Kern, of Germany, bid £68 to win Ed’s Random Impulse T-shirt. She said: “I was so overwhelmed when I realised I had won, I am so happy!” 

Steph, from Manchester was the winning bidder of the Hackney 2012 T-shirt, and thanked the Hospice for putting them on eBay, as she wouldn’t have had the chance to buy an item if they were only for sale in the Hospice shop. She said: “Words can’t describe how happy I am to have won the T-shirt – it will be my birthday present.” 

Shop Manager, Rachail Pollard, said: “We are extremely grateful to Ed Sheeran and his family for donating the items to St Elizabeth Hospice. 

“Thank you to everybody who bid on the auction and who bought items from our Hospice shop. The sale in the shop and the online auction has raised a combined total of £4,000 which is a fantastic amount and will help us continue to provide local Hospice care for local people.

“Thank you also to our volunteers in the shop, for their support throughout the sale.”

The sale at the shop saw eager fans queuing up for the chance to own a unique piece of Ed Sheeran memorabilia, some who had travelled from Norfolk and Herts. Over £1,000 was raised in the first hour of the goods going on sale, and since then has raised another £1,500 from sales throughout the week. 

There are still some items from the Ed Sheeran collection on sale in the St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, including T-shirts, jeans and shoes, so if you haven’t managed to get your hands on any of Ed’s items yet, visit the shop in Market Hill

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