Collection pots boost Hospice funds

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’ was never a more true saying than it is now for the Hospice, when patients and staff found that the final sum raised through its collection pots and home collection boxes in 2014, reached £31,000.

This staggering sum is a result of people’s generosity when giving to the public collection pots as well as individuals’ penny-popping into their own home collection boxes.

Head of Fundraising for the Hospice, Felicity Rook, said: ‘We are overwhelmed by this figure; it is a real indication of local people’s commitment to and interest in the specialist support we provide here in East Suffolk and South Norfolk.’

‘The collection pots and home collection boxes help form part of our small-scale fundraising which, as this impressive total shows, is clearly very successful. It is important to create as many ways to donate as possible for our supporters.’

If you would like to help, these home collection boxes are available to you from the Hospice on request. Just by popping your spare pennies (and other coins) in on a regular basis, you could help improve life for people living with a progressive illness in your area.

Contact us on 01473 723600 or to arrange for a pot or box to be sent out to you. 

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