Children raise money for Hospice with new loom band craze

Young children have been raising money for local charity St Elizabeth Hospice by making and selling loom band bracelets to their family and friends.

Loom bands is the latest craze which children, and adults, are currently spending their summer holidays enjoying, making bracelets, keyrings and other creations with tiny coloured elastic bands.

Eleven-year-old Maisie Jones and her sister, Demi, 8, of Kesgrave, made and sold rainbow loom band bracelets to their family and friends, raising £110 for St Elizabeth Hospice, which is currently caring for her grandad, John Jones.

Maisie said: “My grandad came into the Hospice because he has cancer and I just wanted to help because I found out that the Hospice is a charity.

“I’ve been making loom bands for a while and I taught my sister. We took orders from people in return for donations.”

Maisie and Demi recently came into the Hospice with other children Shana, Bethany, Jack, Alice and Emma, and joined the day care patients, teaching them how to make loom bands, and making bracelets for them.

The patients thoroughly enjoyed having the children show them the new craze and some even learnt the skill.

Sarah Archer, Fundraising Partnerships Manager at St Elizabeth Hospice, said: “It was so lovely to see the children sitting with our patients, teaching them their new hobby and making bracelets for them.

“It was a fantastic idea of Maisie’s to make loom band bracelets to order in return for donations and we are so grateful she chose to support the Hospice.

“With the summer holidays upon us, it’s the perfect way to keep children entertained and we would love it if more kids wanted to get involved, selling their loom band creations in return for donations to the Hospice. We are always keen to work more closely with the younger generation and any money raised really does make a difference.”

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