£1.2 million modernisation details announced

Planning permission has been granted for plans to upgrade the building’s environment for patients and their families. And on April 2nd, the Department of Health announced the Hospice had secured a £496,000 grant towards the project.

The in-patient unit and areas leading up to it are set to form the focus of the £1.2 million refurbishment. There will also be improvements to the building’s main and out-of-hours entrances.

Plans for the in-patient unit include:

  • Redesigning some areas to improve patient comfort and privacy
  • Modern lighting to enhance the environment where patients are cared for
  • More homely and welcoming fixtures and fittings
  • A new reception area in the unit
  • Upgraded kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Improved hospitality area for relatives and carers
  • Clearer signage

There are also plans to improve the hairdressing salon, currently located in the day unit, which is widely used by patients, particularly those facing hair loss as a result of medical treatment.

St Elizabeth Hospice chief executive Jane Loughlin said: “These plans focus on improving the environment for patients and families from the moment they enter the Hospice. Feedback from our patients and staff has suggested that our in-patient unit appears dated and lacking in natural light and that they would like it to be more homely and relaxing. We intend to make alterations so that our patients experience an improved level of comfort and quality in their surroundings throughout their time in the Hospice.”

Jane added that staff, volunteers and patients were being involved in the process as much as possible. She added: “The outcome of this project will be an environment which reflects and supports the philosophy and quality of care already provided by our staff and volunteers.”

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