Red sky at night, cyclist's delight

Training ride six: distance – 11 miles

Total training miles: 79.5

Days left to challenge: 349

Well today didn’t really go to plan. Get up and go for a ride, that was the idea. Out of bed at 6.00 – down to my computer to update our website for 50 minutes and out of the door by 7.00, that was the idea. When at 8.45 I’m still in my dressing gown making chutney (it’s along story and one perhaps better saved for another day) while emailing backwards and forwards with our website host about why after trying for two hours I was unable to access it, I realised I’d missed my morning window.

Working for yourself – and from home – does however have its advantages and as it was such a beautiful day I thought a lunchtime ride would be good. In my new plan I hadn’t (foolishly) banked on Mrs R also spotting an opportunity presented by the blue skies and fair weather: “It would be good if you could cut the lawn while I trim the vine…” This combined with a subsequent trip to the tip put paid to the notion of the lunch time ride.

Thoughts of a 4.00pm, 4.30pm or 5.00pm ride all also passed with phone calls, queries and general life so when at 5.45pm I finally managed to clip in I was conscious that time was against me; especially if I was going to make a cheeky stop at the Newbourne Fox. Remember, training must also be fun!

Without tempting fate, tonight’s ride was easy. It was a joy. My bike ate the miles, ‘hills’ passed quickly and I even overtook another cyclist!

Whether I was spurred on by the little time I had or whether the small deposits of miles I have recently been putting in my ‘cycling bank’ are starting to pay dividends I do not know but the next time I am having a hard time I will remember this ride for inspiration.

Having made a brief stop at The Fox – laying the ground for a future sponsorship assault with the locals – I headed home in the fading light cycling towards a beautiful Suffolk sunset.

Red sky at night – cyclists delight!

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