Two weeks to go... (deux semaines pour aller...)

It’s hard to believe that there are now just 14 days to go until we head to London to start our challenge.

The September evening last year when all gathered at the Hospice to find out more – and ultimately sign up – seems a lifetime ago. A lot has happened a long the way. We have lost a few team mates who were to join us, imminent fatherhood around the day of trip departure seemed a fair and happy reason for one,  severe whiplash from a car accident a far from happy one and we have one team member who will not know until two days before we leave if he will be able to join us as he waits to have a metal external fixator – which is currently holding his thumb together – removed. Fingers crossed – we hope – he makes it.

Whatever the actual final numbers we do know that there will be over 50 of us and the excitement is building.  A couple of weeks ago a dozen team members donned our hospice tops and cycled 100 miles around Suffolk’s country lanes.

It was fantastic to see 12 individuals who mainly had no connection other than this challenge come together as a team, riding as a group and enjoying the experience. I think it is clear that long lasting friendships will be forged from our joint efforts and this group support will be essential to drive us all through the significant trials ahead.

Now for a few more miles…

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