Je vais à Paris sur un velo

358 days to go until departure.

On September 15th 2015, myself and 99 other – without offence I use the word cautiously – ‘cyclists’ will be leaving Ipswich to start out sponsored bike ride from London to Paris to raise £100,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich. St Elizabeth Hospice is an independent charity which provides its service free of charge which costs them millions of pounds a year to run. Almost three quarters of that figure is raised through fundraising by the local community.

Some are doing the ride because the Hospice has had a direct influence on their lives, others because the challenge is on their ‘bucket list’ of things to do and some because they want to get fit and in doing so raise money for a fantastic cause. Whatever the reasons or motivation we are all doing it with one aim and that is to ensure we raise as much money as possible for this vital service.

This blog is a record of my training and part of my motivation. I figured if I shared what I was up to I was more likely to make sure I did it and stuck to my training ‘plan’. I have no doubt there will be gaps at times so if you spot that I’m not posting give me a cyber (or physical) kick up the derriere!

Having been told at an early age that perhaps an extra woodwork class a week was a better option for me than continuing to bring my French teacher to the point of tears – apologies Madame Asti – all litterings of Frenchwithin my blog are courtesy of Google Translate.

You can support St Elizabeth Hospice by sponsoring my ride.

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