A big ride, a little ride, and very stiff legs

Training ride eight: distance – 31 miles

Training ride nine: distance – 6 miles

Total training miles: 124

Days left to challenge: 344

With the weekend ahead I decided that after my little ‘faux pas’ of trying to increase the distance of my last ride but actually making it shorter (see last blog) I would make sure that there would be no doubt on my next route and set out on an adventure.

Allowing myself plenty of time I set off from my home in Kesgrave and headed off to Felixstowe. From there I then took the foot ferry from Old Felixstowe across the Deben to Bawdsey. If you get the chance do it – it’s just £3.50 to cross and great fun.

Heading home via Alderton, The Ramsholt Arms for a brief and very welcome stop – thanks for the beer Polly! – Sutton, Melton and Woodbridge I was pushing my current fitness and with BIG BIG black rain clouds and squally winds I was glad to get home seconds before the skies burst.

Proud of achieving my first 30+ miles for a long while I dashed through the rain put the bike away, showered and then got on with rest of my day. The obvious omission from that list was post-ride stretching…

As the day went on my legs felt like lead; a feeling that remained when I woke up this morning. Although I had not planned to ride again today I thought if I could do a ‘little one’ it may help especially if I stretched properly afterwards.

Having read recently about the benefits of introducing ‘speed’ work and interval training (even if you’re not planning on riding fast it helps your muscles deal with lactic acid) I decided that two or three laps around Grange Farm may be the answer. The word ‘speed’ remains relative for me but my short blasts sprinting as hard as I could for a few hundred yards then easing off really did give me a good 20 minute workout and yes after stretching out properly this time my legs felt much better.

Note to self: Read and take notice of training notes (including tips on stretching) given to us by the St Elizabeth Hospice team!

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