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Through funding from our shops and events, Zest supports young adults with progressive and terminal illnesses to get the specialist care they need. This includes tailored treatments and services that allow them to receive care whilst being able to enjoy independent living.

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Zest is part of the St Elizabeth Hospice family of initiatives, services and facilities.

Providing young adults in Suffolk from age 14 with progressive and terminal illnesses with specialist care tailored to them.

It is also about engaging with young adults, and creating additional support for the hospice through increased young adult volunteering and donations.

What is Zest's mission?

Through Zest our aim is to support a young adult service that:

  • reflects the needs of young people
  • is inviting, meaningful, engaging and socially appealing
  • motivates the person to want to engage with their care plan
  • addresses social needs and mental well-being
  • always offers choice and appropriate care
  • provides for aspirations for independent living
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