Volunteer Interview form

St Elizabeth Hospice Volunteer Interview Form

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Applicant Name


Date of Interview


Volunteer role applied for


Location of Volunteer Role


Line Manager’s name


Interviewer’s name


How far away do you live, what transport would you use? (explain we have an expense policy)


Tell me a bit about yourself


What do you like to do?


What would you like to get out of volunteering and what are your expectations of a typical volunteering day?


What knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications can you bring to the role?


Are you interested in working towards & achieving an accredited qualification to support your learning? Career support can be provided. (Applicable to Moments roles only)


Are there any aspects of the role you are unsure of and how can we best support you?  Please be aware that there is a learning package to support you i.e health & safety, manual handling etc and ideally needs to be completed within 3 months of start date.


Other questions relevant to role.





If unsuccessful for this role, would you consider another role elsewhere with the hospice?


Days of week and times available



Volunteer start/taster date – ask best date to start for your expectation management



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