Tri-fest relay challenge 2021

Get ready to run, cycle, and step for St Elizabeth Hospice!

Tri-Fest is our new virtual triathlon challenge, designed to pit local businesses (or departments) against each other. The challenge is for your team to run 2.5km, cycle 15km and complete 250 step-ups (equivalent of 20 floors) the fastest!

Complete the race at any location, use the treadmill, run outside, cycle on a static bike or outside.

Who’s got the fastest legs!

Enter as a team of 3, and each take on part of the challenge, or if you are feeling up for a challenge, take on all parts yourself!

Open for multiple teams to sign up if you wish.

Event: Choose a day between 12 April to 23 April 2021
Finals event: Date & Venue to be confirmed
Registration: £10 per team

Thank you to the companies that participated!

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