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Did you know that in recent research, conducted by Forresters, it was found that that most consumers think businesses should support charities. When faced with a choice between two companies that offered products and services for the same price, 82% said their decision would be affected by whether a company engaged with charities and its local community.

St Elizabeth Hospice offers a range of sponsorship opportunities that reach a wide variety of potential customer demographics to help promote brand awareness to new audiences or reinforce it to an existing target market.

With a dedicated account manager, your sponsorship package will be carefully selected to meet your criteria and will offer you a range of benefits which can:

•          raise brand awareness and create preference
•          create positive PR and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole
•          provide attractive content for a range of products and services
•          build brand positioning through associative imagery
•          support a sales promotion campaign
•          create internal emotional commitment to the brand
•          act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients

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